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Delkhash traditional guesthouse with good comfortable rooms and cozy court yard in the old city of Yazd, next to Friday mosque

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Why Yazd?

High brown walls out of mud to your left and right, small alleys, many turns and curves – like a labyrinth. Through open old wooden doors, you can see beautiful flowery backyards, where orange and pomegranate trees are growing their way between shadow and sun. Up from the rooftop there is a feeling of desert breeze, blue patterned domes and minarets light up between the mud walls as do some huge palm trees. Hundreds of wind towers loom out of the roofs, transforming the desert breeze into cool air, like air condition. This is Yazd. A city that seems to be stamped right out of the desert ground.

But Yazd is also home of ancient ruins like the tower of silence, historical museums, unique religious sacred and religious sites, traditional gardens, vibrant and colourful city life with its charming cafes, bazars as well as fancy art galleries. The horizon is made out of mountains touching the edge of the dasht-e kevir desert and easy to visit from here.


Why Delkhash?

Delkhash is located in the heart of this oasis. It’s one of these mud brick houses in the old city but when you step in, you get embraced by the beauty of the backyard with a spring and colourful plants surrounded by typical Persian architecture. Delkhash is your place for happiness and tranquility: it is a relaxing escape from the city hustle as well a space for cultural exchange. Live music concerts, international cooking workshops, game sessions, Farsi language workshops and literature events from Hafiz to your own travel diary are happening.

Local and international friendly staff is always on hand. Good coffee and delicious meals especially with a large selection of different vegetarian options are offered. We are happy to welcome you in our warm hearted oasis!

We are centrally located in the old city of Yazd

Delkhash Guesthouse
Imam Str., Hosseinian Str. 7
Yazd, Old City
Postal Code: 89199-45989

In Persian

يزد، خ امام، ك حسينيان، ك ٧ حسينيان، بوم گردى دلخش
كدپستى ٤٥٩٨٩- ٨٩١٩٩

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